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Hi TRAIL ZONE: I currently own a Suzuki DL650 with about 45,000km on it and will be looking at changing it in the next year. I am wanting to shift over to a more versatile, lighter bike but keeping the same power if possible -- however I am unsure where start? The DL650 was my first non-cruiser bike, my previous bike being a V-Star 1100 custom. I loved the Yamaha XTZ660 when I tested it (it's got all the right stuff) except I was always looking for more power. I haven't tested the BMW G650GS, KLR650 or DR650, which I am told are bullet-proof? (Now I'm assuming stock all the bikes mentioned are fully choked?) Am I barking up the wrong tree, with the power? I have been riding huge chrome tanks with over-the-top exhausts notes. It's been a while. I need to refresh. Blame Ewan and Charley, yeah, I'm another LWR/LWD nut!
-- SImon Moore, via

You're right, Simon, Ewan and Charley have a lot to answer for. I sent a friend request to Ewan's Facebook page and I haven't heard from him. Charley must have given him a heads-up ... regardless, you sound like you are following a well-worn path from the dark-side (road riding!) and you are ready to take the final step. Making the leap of faith from a V-twin to a single cylinder thumper is not easy, as coming from a road bike background any single cylinder thumper may feel underpowered to you. Suzuki's DR650SE might be your best bet at 166kg compared to the 209kg Tenere. They pretty much have the same power output but at 40-odd kilos lighter the DR will feel like it's got more get up and go. For reliability and cost, the DR650SE is the most popular for riders in exactly your position. For something with newer technology, then the Tenere is the go if you have the bucks to spend. Just remember if you go for the DR there is a bit of money to spend on a Safari Tank and other goodies but you'll still come in way under the XT660Z. Make sure you check out TRAIL ZONE issue #30 which is due out in a couple of weeks -- it's got the first instalment on our new DR650SE Project Bike build-up and you'll soon see there are a feast of bolt-on goodies that can quickly help turn the DR from mild to wild, yet you'll still have money in your pocket compared to way more expensive bikes in the category. Let us know what you decide!
-- Lance 'Russ' Turnley, via

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With speculation rife that KTM is about to unveil an all-new 450cc rally bike that will spearhead the Austrian factory's assault on next year’s Dakar Rally, Aprilia has already unveiled a rally replica version of its thundering RXV 450cc V-twin.

After snaring a strong third place finish in the Dakar this year, it's no surprise Aprilia is dishing up a 'customer' version of the bike for rally racing.

But the thing is ... this mighty beast is not cheap -- with a price tag of Euro 37,000 for a complete bike or Euro 16,000 for a kit to convert a standard RXV.

Toey for one?

Then polish up your Italian and check out the web site of Team Giofil in Italy ... -- then book your travel to Argentina and Chile!


“The best Kenda rally ever” -- that’s what the riders were saying at the end of two loops of prime Victorian high country trails. Their tired but satisfied grins said it all, as they parked their bikes next to their utes and trailers, grabbed a cold bevvy and let the bench racing start in earnest.

The Alexandra district MCC were inundated with entries from the opening week and reached their limit of 500 riders three weeks before the expected closing date. Over 100 riders were unable to get on the start grid, due to the club's policy of keeping the numbers at a manageable level. This keeps the event running smoothly and ensures minimal bottlenecks and track damage.

The 2010 Kenda rally was run in perfect conditions at Rubicon, near Lake Eildon,with moist loamy trails and sunny skies greeting the 500 riders as they pushed their bikes through scrutineering and onto the starting grid. The Alexandra District MCC lived up to their reputation once again, as one of Australia’s most iconic dirt bike events returned from a year’s hiatus after the devastating Victorian bushfires in 2009.

The course change that enabled rec-registered bikes for the first time, allowed quite a few riders that had been champing at the bit to ride to ride with their fully registered mates. Local motels, pubs and caravan parks did a roaring trade as dirtbike riders from around the state descended on the area. Quite a few riders from interstate too, with a large contingent from NSW making the pilgrimage down south for some "dust-free" trail riding, "southern-style".

The Nolan Dash was this year supplemented with a choice of either a Nolan helmet or an EK chain and AFAM sprocket pack, and the potential winners lined up for a no-holds-barred 50 metre sprint in full riding gear with the inevitable falls and trips that goes along with running full-pelt in motorcycle boots. Hilarious, and a real crowd pleaser.

Two loops of around 80km gave the punters real value for money with enough time for a quick bite to eat and a re-fuel in the middle. Many riders had helmet cams on their heads, so expect the YouTube and various dirt bike forums to have quite a few Kenda Rally videos up by the time you read this.

Plenty of loamy uphills interspersed with flowing fire-trails gave the riders a great mix of conditions. There was even a section of single-track that wound out over a rickety bridge to keep the fast guys honest. Some of the steeper uphills featured a chickens and roosters option, which allowed riders to take the easy way if they felt they werent up to the challenge. The legendary ADMCC hill-pushers were stationed on some of the more technical uphills to render 'technical assistance' to riders that weren't using Kenda tyres!

Plenty of action at the merchandising tent, with nearly all the posters, T-shirts and long sleeves selling out by the end of the day. The Toylok tent had a steady stream of visitors, checking out the latest in bike security and locks.

After all the riders had picked up their licenses and grabbed their classy finisher's stubby holder and meal tickets, it was off to the Crawford’s catering spaceship for a gourmet feed and a drink, before the prize winners were drawn out of a hat. TBAM made sure everyone had a magazine and a DVD in their show bags, along with a bunch of subscriptions as prizes. The Toylok team donated a stack of bike security locks sets, and all this was handed out to the lucky ticket holders.

In all, well over $9000 worth of gear was handed out to the riders on the day. There were stacks of Kenda tyres, Mobil oil packs, AFAM sprockets and EK chain sets. Most of these great prizes were donated by Ron Angel Wholesale, who has been the major sponsor of the Nolan and Kenda rallies since their inception in 1985. Events like this can’t exist without great sponsors and Ron Angel has supported the ADMCC superbly, with 38 consecutive rallies carrying the Nolan or Kenda name. That must be some sort of record in motorsport events!

The K&J Thomas motorcycles biggest team award was hotly contested between “Matt's Half & Halves” and the “Best Blokes in the World”, with Matt's team winning 32 to 31. The trophy and the $500 cash was duly handed over and here's tipping it won’t be spent on lollies and fanta!

The local ambulance team were on hand to look after any injuries, but business was pretty quiet for them with only a handful of bruises and scrapes. No broken bones or major injuries in an event with 500 riders is an excellent effort considering the amount of riders entered and the kilometres covered. The local SES and WICEN Communications provided their usual faultless service to keep track of every rider throughout the day, enabling the club to keep on top of any emergencies that may have arisen.

Keep an eye on the web site for photo uploads and details of the upcoming 2010 Sawmill Rally in November.

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I just bought your mag for the first time and have enjoyed reading it. I am back into trail riding again for the first time in about 20 years (how many times have you heard that story!) after the last few years easing my way into it from a back injury by riding mountain bikes. I can highly recommend this as good cross-training as well as another great way to get out in the dirt. Anyway, I thought I would send you a picture of my “new” ride. Being an old-timer and a two-stroke fan (my last bike was a 1985 KTM GS/XC 250 which I bought new – wish I still had it) I picked myself up a ’99 model Honda CRM250AR. I’m sure you don’t see many of them around, so I send it in anticipation you might include it in your ‘My Ride’ section. I call it the Purple People Eater and I just love the way it goes and those purple anodised rims look the bomb, too. It's pictured with my mate’s TT600 Belgarda and check out my vintage AGV helmet -- don’t worry, I have upgraded it now. Anyway, thanks for your time and I’ll see you on the trails.

-- Rob Whittaker, via

Thanks for your email and welcome to the TRAIL ZONE, Rob; great to have you onboard. There was a time when two-stroke trail bikes ruled the roost and your CRM250 was one of Honda’s final attempts at keeping alive the premix dreams of old-school trail riders like you and us. Remember the old Honda MTs and MRs? They were Honda two-stroke trail bikes from even earlier back in the day, and yeah, we rode them back then. These days, however, the whole world has changed and everyone is riding cleaner burning and cleaning running four-stroke machines that are better able to meet ever more stringent global emissions laws. It's a shame, because the sheer thrill of riding a light and responsive two-stroke is such a fond memory for so many of us. Yes, they were the days ... Nice job with the classic AGV helmet, by the way. Ride on!

-- Clubby,



As I have said many a time over the years, how good is the Internet for burning up hours of time ... time that should be far more gainfully spent?

Yeah, it's awesome for that!

Which brings me to the latest time-consumer that I recently stumbled upon: an epic ride report from South Africa where a couple of extra-hard-core dudes step right up to the plate for a mighty ride across Zambia at the tail end of their wet season.

It's a riveting tail complete with gnarly trails, friendly natives, man-eating spiders, scorpions, lions, elephants and croc and rhino-infested river crossings -- which perhaps gives a hint as to the innovative water-crossing technique shown in the photos attached here.

Talk about making croc bait of yourself ... even the local natives were hesitant about stepping into the water without another one on watch with a rifle!

Anyway, shut the office door, divert the phone back to the chick on the switch and kick back and settle in for a good ol' dose of big-time dirt bike riding action ... here's the link:

-- Clubby, (Want to comment? Then email


Australia’s favourite dirt bike television show MXTV will be back for a brand new season on Wednesday, 26 May at 9:30pm, firing into life on Fuel TV for the first time ever in 2010.

It’s a great time for lovers of dirt bikes as the hugely successful program will be aired on Foxtel/Austar’s Fuel TV this season, over 10 consecutive weeks on Wednesdays at 9:30pm from this week.

In addition, the show will be repeated on Thursdays at 3:00am, and again on Monday afternoons at 2:30pm.

MXTV will once again be hosted by 11-time national motocross champion Lee Hogan and founder Brendan Bell, the pair working hard in recent months to launch a huge start on Fuel TV in the program’s 10th year.

“It’s great to be back again for 2010 for a 10th big year,” Bell commented. “I’m proud to say we've stepped the show up each year and this year is no exception with the move to Fuel TV – Australia's premier extreme sports channel.”

MXTV viewers can expect to see more of the same great content that has made the show what it is today, as the team highlight every facet of dirt bike riding, catch up with the biggest names in the sport and visit great events across the country.

Ian ‘Macca’ McGregor is back with ‘Blokes & Their Bikes’, and host Lee Hogan – also one of the premier riding coaches in Australia – returns with more of his popular riding tips. There will be bike reviews from all major manufactures covered, as well as a few surprises and much, much more!

Be sure to tune in for the 2010 season premier on Foxtel/Austar’s channel 516 on Wednesday, 26 May at 9:30pm, and don’t forget to visit for the latest on MXTV.

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Our ol' mate Magnus Eriksson from Outback Adventure Treks is in a bind -- he urgently needs a tour leader for his fast-approaching schedule of guided trail rides.

Here's the message from Magnus, so check it out:

"We need a lead rider for our Off Road Tour operation for the next 10 weeks. More info about us at

"Our lead rider has had to return to Canada in a hurry and we have tours starting in a week. That doesn't leave me enough time to advertise so if there are any adventure riders out there that haven't got anything to do for the next 10 weeks let me know.

"You need a to have a keen sense of adventure, a motorbike and a car license, be mechanically minded and don't mind riding a motorcycle to the most extreme corners of Australia. You will live out of a swag for the next 10 weeks and ride the Madigan Line, French Line, Gunbarrel Hwy, Broome to Airlie beach, the Oodnadatta Track and have more than a few beers at the Birdsville Pub.

"Oh and did I mention you get paid as well. Let me know if you are interested. I need someone from this Monday 31st May."

For full details and to apply for the job of a lifetime, contact Magnus on (0408) 800 159 and tell him TRAIL ZONE sent ya!

-- Clubby,


Positive debut for BMW/Husqvarna prototype 450cc enduro bike at Enduro World Championship GP of Italy:

Despite being without their number one rider Juha Salminen, who was unable to compete in the GP of Italy having injured his ankle during a recent Spanish Enduro Championship competition, the BMW Husqvarna Motorrad team completed a very positive first outing of the new BMW powered Husqvarna prototype 450cc enduro bike.

With two machines entered into the Italian round of the Maxxis FIM World Enduro Championship last weekend, ridden by Enduro World Championship regular Marko Tarkkala (pictured) and extreme enduro specialist Andreas Lettenbichler, both bikes finished the two days having performed without fault.

In competing on the prototype machines the BMW Husqvarna Motorrad team started the next stage of development of the new bike, which will remain in competition during the remaining rounds of the ’10 EWC series.

With recent testing of the new bike having centred around Finn Juha Salminen the fact that the seven-time world champion was unable to compete was a sizeable disappointment for the team. Nevertheless, in delivering two top 10 Enduro 2 class results Marko Tarkkala showed that the bike is already a very capable machine. Spending a limited amount of time on the bike before the third round of the ’10 EWC, Marko ended the event extremely pleased with the machine’s performance having himself performed better that at either of the opening two rounds of the series.

Standing in for the injured Salminen, as well as using the event as training ahead of the upcoming Erzberg Rodeo, Andreas Lettenbichler battled his way through the two days of competition placing 20th on day one and 19th on day two.

The BMW Husqvarna Motorsport team will next be in action in the Enduro World Championship at the GP of Poland, which takes place on June 12/13.

Marko Tarkkala – Enduro 2 class:
‘It’s been a very positive weekend for me. I didn’t have much time on the bike before the event, so the set-up wasn’t as developed for race conditions as it could have been. But the bike worked very well and allowed me to improve on my earlier results in the championship. I made some mistakes on one of the hills on the extreme test on day one, which cost me a lot of time. I still managed to finish 10th and without the mistake I would have been around eighth. Day two started really well. I was around fifth during the first lap but I crashed twice on the enduro test. Without that mistake it would have been a really good day. The new bike was really good, I’m looking forward to riding it more and more so that I am really well prepared for the GP of Poland.’

Andreas Lettenbichler – Enduro 2 class: ‘Competing in two days of world championship competition was really good training for me ahead of the Erzberg Rodeo event in a couple of weeks. Getting to race the new bike was great, and although I didn’t get the chance to spend more than an hour on it before the competition I really enjoyed riding it. Using Juha Salminen’s settings took a little getting used to because he is a much faster rider than I am, and I’m used to a bike that’s set-up for extreme racing. But I really enjoyed myself. The new bike worked great, I had no problems all weekend.’

Wolfgang Fischer – Team manager: ‘It’s been a very encouraging weekend for the new Husqvarna bike. Although it’s not a completely new bike as the engine is the BMW motor that we have used for several years now, everything else is new so to have both riders finish the event with no technical issues is great. Both riders only had a very limited amount of time with the bike before the race so we are very pleased with the fact that they both performed well. Marko has been much more competitive this weekend that at the previous two rounds of the championship, and with two top 10 results has shown that he is enjoying riding the new bike. I am sure that with more time on the bike he will only get more and more competitive. A top five result certainly isn’t out of the question for him at the GP of Poland and he will have much more time on the bike before that race. Of course it was disappointing not having Juha racing this weekend but he had to have a small surgery on Friday after injuring his right ankle during a Spanish championship event the week before. We don’t yet know when he will be back, but we hope he will be able to race in Poland.’

2010 Enduro World Championship
Grand Prix of Italy – Day 1, Enduro 2

1. Mika Ahola (Honda) 1.06:27.72; 2. Ivan Cervantes (KTM) 1.06:54.89; 3. Pierre Alexandre Renet (KTM) 1.08:05.31; 4. Thomas Oldrati (KTM) 1.08:28.24; 5. Rodrig Thain (TM) 1.08:43.24; 6. Oscar Balletti (Honda) 1.08:49.75; 7. Joakim Ljunggren (Husaberg) 1.08:49.88; 8. Nicolas Paganon (Kawasaki) 1.09:15.61; 9. Valtteri Salonen (Husaberg) 1.09:46.26; 10. Marko Tarkkala (BMW Husqvarna Motorrad) 1.10:14.50… 20. Andreas Lettenbichler (BMW Husqvarna Motorrad) 1.15:49.83

2010 Enduro World Championship
Grand Prix of Italy – Day 2, Enduro 2

1. Mika Ahola (Honda) 1.04:47.40; 2. Ivan Cervantes (KTM) 1.04:47.57; 3. Pierre Alexandre Renet (KTM) 1.06:53.09; 4. Thomas Oldrati (KTM) 1.06:55.37; 5. Rodrig Thain (TM) 1.07:05.43; 6. Joakim Ljunggren (Husaberg) 1.07:42.50; 7. Oscar Balletti (Honda) 1.07:45.89; 8. Valtteri Salonen (Husaberg) 1.08:09.06; 9. Marko Tarkkala (BMW Husqvarna Motorrad) 1.08:20.86; 10. Fabien Planet (Sherco) 1.08:23.93… 19. Andreas Lettenbichler (BMW Husqvarna Motorrad) 1.13:40.32

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I would like some advice on a subject: I was a mad keen 4WDer for about seven years doing 4WD comps all over Australia ,then woke up one day and wanted a change. Where I work my boss was in to dirt bikes and road bikes, so I thought I would get back into motorcycles – after not having been on one for nearly 20 years! So I bought a WR400F, did one ride, stacked on a downhill, then had to kickstart it, so I sold it the next week! But then I bought an ’04 WR450F, which was a good bike with electric-start – sweet, but I had my hand in my wallet all the time, so I traded it in on an ’08 KLX450R – go the green machine! But then my boss buys a new WR450F and starts to beat me, so I sold the KLX and bought an Aprilia RXV450. Unfortunately I had it a week and the engine leaked more oil than that oil spill of the Queensland coast, so I fought with bike shop over it – and long story short, I now own a 2010 KTM 530EXC, which is a great bike. Now, believe it or not, all this happened in just one year back riding, so my question is, I would love to get into enduro events like the Australian Off-Road Championships and the Four Day Enduro. Since I got back into riding I go out riding almost every weekend without fail, so I would love some tips and pointers on how to prepare for these events and what events to start with? I was thinking about some of the Dalby Moto trail rides and maybe even some DSMRA rides. I have been to Mannar Park and down two days flat-out around there, so now I’m looking for more. Any help would be gratefully taken onboard, so thanks in advance. Stay upright!
-- Danny Moore, via

What a story, Danny: sounds like you have almost single-handedly kept the south-east Queensland dirt bike industry out of recession with all your bike trades over the past year! We’re just glad to hear you’re finally stoked with the mighty 530 Kato and that you now want to take your riding to the next level and get into some competition events – good one. The Dalby Moto and Australian Dirt Bike Adventures trail rides are great places to start, as you get to ride new venues, meet new people and find out about more rides and races. And by talking to other riders, you’ll also learn a heap about setting-up your bike, while for riding tips and instruction, check out the web site and sign up for some riding clinics with Queensland enduro legend, Kirk ‘The King’ Hutton. Finally, get onto the web site and find details of motorcycle clubs near to where you live and get along to the next club meeting and join up and then kick off by racing some club events and state events – after that you can step-up and contest national events like the AORC and Four Day. Good luck with it and go hard, son!
-- Clubby,
(Got a question? Send your letters to

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In a first for KTM Australia, the Austrian motorcycling manufacturer is bringing its entire 2011 motocross range, and 2010 enduro range to dirt tracks around Australia for the public to demo at – KTM Dirt Days.

In the motocross range highlight motorcycles will include the 2011 model 250, 350, and 450 SXF machines, while in the enduro range the 2010 two stroke and four strokes will be amongst the mix with highlights being the 300 EXC two stroke and 450 EXC four stroke.

The KTM Dirt Days calendar will unfold as follows:

VIC - 20 June, Monza Park, Ballarat
SA – 26 June, Murray Bridge, Callington
QLD – 3 July, Green Park, Conondale
NSW – 25 July, Appin, Macarthur MCC
WA – 1 August, Tumbulgum Farm, Byford

The format for KTM Dirt Days is not about racing, but putting each model through its paces at the level of each individual rider in an environment their built for; being dirt tracks and trails.

Riders can demo selected models on the marked tracks and trails in three two hour time slots throughout each KTM Dirt Day. Time slots are 9am to 11am - 11am to 1pm, and 1pm to 3pm, with registration half an hour prior.

Basic requirements for participation include full safety gear e.g. helmet, jacket, pants, gloves and enclosed shoes or boots, and riders must sign up for a MA one day license, if they don’t already hold a MA competition license.

To participate in KTM Dirt Days, all riders must register on-line at, where three bikes can be selected in order of preference to demo. Further terms and conditions apply and can be viewed on-line.


The inaugral Central West Dirt Bike Rally will be held 12th and 13th June 2010, June long weekend. It is to be held completely on private property meaning no rego or license required. The venue is Catombal bike park near Wellington NSW.

Entry fees are:
Adult early entry $59
Under 16 early entry $39
Late fee of $20 applies after 7 June 2010

There will be 2 non-competitive loops taking approx 1 1/2 to 2 hours each to complete. Loop 1 will open 1pm Saturday and 1pm Sunday. Loop 2 open 9am Sunday. You will be able to complete as many laps of the loops as you desire in the available time. Ride Saturday arvo and Sunday morning or all day Sunday. Or if you have the energy, ride both days!

There will also be loops available for children.

There is free camping and a bonfire available both Saturday and Sunday night. Toilets and Hot showers available. There will also be hot food available Sunday from breakfast on.

You will also go into the draw to win a $500 open order at your favourite bike shop!

The loops will include some brand new sections all on property not normally open to the public.

All money raised will go to support Yeoval Central School.

So come and spend the long weekend in the country riding some new and different tracks to support our local school

Bookings - email or call 0428 453 331

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Today was Andrew McFarlane's funeral at Cleveland Baptist Church in Bayside, Brisbane. I knew Andrew from when he was nine years old as I worked for Performance Yamaha, right next door to his father Ron McFarlane's Bayside Kawasaki dealership in Capalaba. Ron is without a doubt one of the most dedicated MX fathers I have ever encountered. No track was ever too far away and absolutely nothing was too hard to do. Andrew was a great kid and grew up into an even greater man, and did so with an exceptional father as a role model.
Hundreds of mourners from all over Australia and from overseas attended the funeral today. It really was the whose-who of MX and a very sombre occasion as you would expect, led by Pastor Richard Kingham.
Ron McFarlane shared a moving tribute for his son, assisted by his other son, Cameron.
Barry Marshall (race photographer and Andrew's father-in-law) shared some stories about Andrew and finished with a poem he wrote.
Promoter Kevin Williams also gave a tribute to Andrew in the professional way we would expect from Kevin.
International Aussie racers Chad Reed and Michael Byrne flew home from the USA and shared a tribute and some stories about Andrew. Both these elite professionals were obviously shattered by the loss of their close friend.
Dave Ellis put together a beautiful slide-show featuring some of the great moments in Andrew's and the McFarlanes' life and journey.
Thomas Creevey (chiropractor to the stars) finished the service with some more stories of working and strategising with Andrew, finishing with a minute's silence.
One of the most common threads each person shared was the significance in Andrew's life of his wife Natalie and his daugher Tayla and just how much they loved each other. It really did sound like a marriage made in heaven.
After the service many people were catching up with others they had not seen for some time, but overall, there was a sense of incompleteness. One of the all time greats has been taken from us --and he is sorely missed.
R.I.P. Andrew 'Sharky' McFarlane.
-- Ron Grant, via

Wednesday, May 12, 2010



Hi Clubby and Popgun: Just a quick email to thank you both very much for putting on a great day last Saturday on the Club Y // TRAIL ZONE trail ride at Clarence and organising all that'’s required to make it happen. Everyone from our group enjoyed themselves immensely, and had an excellent day and a lot of laughs with a great bunch of guys and gals. Special thanks for all the prep and pre-riding the trails and picking up the pieces when sweeping at the back. For such a large group it all went brilliantly and we look forward to the next one!
-- Rod Green, via

Thanks for your email, Rod, and yep, we sure enjoyed the day, too. But truth be told, Dr Phil and I were sweating the night before, when Cheryl from Club Y confirmed that we would have 30 starters on the ride, which is a massive pack for a guided trail ride by anyone's standards! Remarkably, though, we were fortunately immune from major carnage, with the only injury being Mark's tweaked calf muscle after getting stuck on the optional 'Expert' hill just before lunch. Heck, we didn't even get a single flat tyre! A failed clutch and a fried rear brake were the extent of the day's bike casualties, and both riders managed to coax their machines back to the vans to complete the ride anyway. We had a wide range of bikes and riders, from 65-year-olds on DR-Z250s to whipper-snippers on fresh new Yamahas, Katos and Husabergs, yet everyone managed to enjoy themselves and go home satisfied after a great day in the sticks. Thanks for supporting Club Y and TRAIL ZONE and look out for the ride again next year -- in the meantime make sure you keep watch on the web site for upcoming trail rides ... it looks an assault on the Watagans will be next -- yahoo!
-- Clubby,


JDR Motorex KTM Racing has announced details for a trust fund set-up to support the family of late motocross racer Andrew McFarlane, who tragically lost his life on May 2 at the Australian Motocross Championship.

All financial contributions no matter how small will be appreciated, as together the motorcycle community help build a foundation for Andrew’s wife Natalie and daughter Tayla who are left to carry on without their hero, husband and father Andrew McFarlane.

Anyone can donate through a National Australia Bank, and just need to put Andrew McFarlane or JDR as a reference, the full details are:

Bank: National Australia Bank
Name: PKF Trust Account
BSB: 082 055
Account Number: 61 637 2235
Swift Code: NATAAU3302

Thank you to everyone who donates.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010



Husaberg racer Geoff Braico has suffered a major blow to his 2010 racing season after shattering his right foot at round two of the NSW Enduro Series held at Dungog, which will see him off the bike for three months.

“I’m absolutely shattered literally and emotionally,” Geoff explains.I was having such a good start to the year, and really enjoying my ride on the Husaberg FE 570, and now my riding is pretty much over for the racing season.

“It all happened on day two of the NSW Enduro Series in the second enduro test when I was riding over a technical creek bed which got the better of me. The crash itself wasn’t very big, but the angle of the creek bed saw me come off the bike and my right foot hit a rock. I knew something was wrong, but I had adrenaline pumping through me so the pain hadn’t really set in.

“I rode in and ambulance staff arranged for me to go to the hospital where doctors initially thought I had just broken a small bone on the top of my foot. Unfortunately, X-rays revealed otherwise. I have in fact broken my bottom right heel, and one of the main bones in the arch of my foot, plus I’ve dislocated my foot from my ankle, and all up my foot is in nine pieces. Doctors said it’s like someone got a sledge hammer and smashed the front of my foot, and if I wasn’t wearing my Alpinestars Tech10s I could have lost my foot.

“I have surgery scheduled for next Thursday where doctors will put pins, plates and screws into the bone to put my foot back together, and then I will have a lot of time on my hands before I can start rehabilitation.

“I’m absolutely devastated with this injury. I wasn't feeling comfortable through the creek bed sections, and I knew they were really sketchy so I said to myself slow down and get through it. My front end hit a rock and I went down. I got up straight away, unhurt, but my foot gave way. It was a horrible feeling sitting there knowing my season was pretty much done.

“It is a real shame because since the A4DE, I have been training really hard and my results on day one of the NSW Enduro were really promising. As soon as I’m able, I will be starting strength building to get back on the bike and into racing. Prior to this event I did some suspension testing with Charlie Constanzo, and we had my Husaberg FE 570 handling awesome. By the time I return to racing, I’ll be out of Championship reach in terms of points, but I’ll still try hard to get some E3 round wins on the board.

“I must thank Husaberg Australia, Sutto’s, Alpinestars and everybody else for their support during 2010 and, as I said, hopefully I can get some wins on the board for them when I return to racing. Thanks also to my family for their help and to the medical crew who supported me at Dungog”.

Details on Geoff Braico’s return to racing will be posted on as information comes to hand.